Excellence is Attitude

Adwaita Mission High School, Mandar Vidyapith, Banka, an Educational Institution run by Mandar Vidyapith was established in 1990.

The institution is an autonomous one where all students, irrespective of their language, religion, caste or creed are welcomed to receive education from Pre-nursery to Class XII. It is an English Medium, Co-Educational Senior Secondary School with boarding facilities for both boys and girls.

The parent body of the Institution, Mandar Vidyapith has been taking a pioneering role in the educational realms as well as rendering remarkable services in the cultural field of Bhagalpur region since its inception in 1945. Its educational programme is based on the philosophy of the Upanishad as preached by the great Acharya Shankara and Swami Vivekananda.

Aims and Objectives

The spirit of the Adwaita Mission is embedded in the motto ‘Every man is potentially divine’ and as such ‘power, knowledge, bliss, absolute, to lead an angelic life on the basis of the above mentioned philosophy and to build up a casteless and classless society where love will be the law and service will be the religion of the people. For this, our approach is cultural. By culture, we mean a cultural movement to study, understand and appreciate the values within us and with others.

Our objectives are 

•    To synthesize science with spirituality, scientific temper with ethical values.

•    To make the young generation proficient in languages for effective communication and expression.

•    To inculcate creativity, initiative and individuality.

•    To make the youngsters disciplined, well mannered, tolerant and spirited.

•    To make them feel proud of Indian heritage and culture.

Affiliation & Session

The School is presently affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi up to 10+2 Level in Science, Commerce and Humanities Stream.

After passing the Senior Secondary Examination, students may take admission in any institution across India.

The academic session begins in April for Pre-nursery to Class-X and for Class-XI, it starts from the first day of July.


Adwaita Mission High School is situated on the eastern foot of the famous Mandar Hill at a distance of 2.5 kms from Mandar Vidyapith Railway Station (on Bhagalpur-Mandar Hill Rail Line) and on the Bhagalpur-Dumka Deoghar Bus Route. Deoghar is 60 kms and Bhagalpur is 45 kms away from here. Adwaita Mission High School stretches on a 25 acre plot amidst sylvan surroundings and has a bracing climate throughout the year which is conducive for healthy learning atmosphere.

Bounsi is famous for the Mandar Hill, having its mention in Indian scriptures for the significant role played in Samundra Manthan. A Jain temple at the summit in close proximity to the Vishnu Temple is a sign of religious harmony. Mandar Mohatsav, Bounsi Mela, Makar Samkranti and Ratha Yatra of Loard Madhusudan alike to the world famous Ratha Yatra of Lord Shree Jagannath, Puri, Odisha celebrated here every year as a symbol of cultural integrity.